Monday, April 5, 2010

Michael Steele Needs to Move On

Like many others I first took notice of Michael Steele during his unsuccessful 2006 Senate run in Maryland. He was confident and well-spoken and his attitude during his David-vs-Goliath campaign was truly inspiring. Buoyed by his newfound national identity he managed to stay in the limelight enough to be considered (again as a long shot) for the RNC chairmanship. So I was truly happy to see him get elected to that position, expecting him to be a fresh and articulate alternative to the Republican Party's rather lackluster public face. Well since then he seems to have done little but continually put his foot in his mouth, undermine the RNC's message, and act in a generally self-serving manner. This latest strip club scandal is just that - the latest in what is becoming a very long list. But now we hear his defense is to play the race card? This is the last thing the RNC needs after having squandered so many advantages and being so out of touch as to launch and entire political movement.

Steele needs to find a well-paid consultancy position somewhere and stop helping the Republican Party commit suicide.

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