Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pray For Dallas Willard

I heard recently that Dallas Willard is having a series of health problems related to surgery. He is a man very close to God's heart I think, but I selfishly hope that God is not yet ready to bring him home. Here he could be speaking to anyone:
“'Contempt' is a big problem -- discounting people; saying that they don’t matter, etc.' Much of today’s conversations are filled with contemptuous words. Jesus endeavored to 'remove contempt' between people – this was HUGE to him. Even the very notion of “unclean” is a type of contempt..."' It's common in our culture to act contemptously. For example: “Business is Business' – what does such a person have in mind when they say this to us?" [answer:] “I’m about to do something that’s not entirely (or morally) “right”. We need to teach people that business cannot just be business.