Monday, June 4, 2007

Stereotypes - the Great Conservative Time Saver and a Renewed Promise to Write Some More

Too much time away and where to begin? There is so much to talk about. I've been subscribed for a while to a few standard left-wing blogs such as the Daily Kos and The Huffington Post. It is important to be able to confront/consider all points - the Right would be poorer without the Left and vice versa. But although Best of the Web's James Taranto's concept of the "Angry Left" is perhaps an over-generalization, I still see very little to contradict it in the Left-Wing Blogosphere. Like Bernard Goldberg (although unlike Goldberg he is an excellent writer), his points are very apt. And in spite of voices like Goldberg and Taranto the concept of activist journalism (facts are secondary to the greater and usually progressive truth) has continued to thrive by adopting quasi-scientific terminology (such as "post-normal science") to justify its existence.

Science is now more than ever the "moral engine" that drives the Progressive movement. In a world where trickle-down versions of scientific Big Ideas like Evolution, String Theory, Relativity and Behavioral Sciences seem to offer the average humanistic intellectual something like Truth and with the Humanities immolating itself in a bonfire of nihilism, the Progressive Movement sees the continued march of humanism as the only way to a rational, happy future. Who would have thought that the bold standard carried by men like Voltaire and Nietzsche would end up in the hands of Gene Roddenberry? And if it's hard not to see the appeal in progressive activist journalism to someone like me, then it must be near impossible for someone on the other end of the political spectrum .

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